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    Advanced General Skills


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    Advanced General Skills

    Post by Falk on Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:46 am

    When breaking through the 1 million APs, the advanced skills (see manual on advanced skills) become available (or at least the screen Very Happy ).
    As a trader, the advanced combat skills are way out of my league, so I need to focus on general skills. Gathering advance skill points is a slow process (getting approx 0.2 advance trade points per day), and the skills are expensive. So I would like to inform to your thoughts and ideas on the general skills.

    Do you have any advice on very good advanced general skills?
    E.g. Should Union-pilots make use of the advanced skills focussing on shields?
    Are there people around with unlocked advanced skills? What are you're experiences?

    (hmmm.... looking at my great history of blowing up carrying explosives.... the skill Explosive Handling somehow starts to make sense Very Happy )

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    Re: Advanced General Skills

    Post by Marquis on Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:36 am

    for a trade the navigation skill is probably the best, reduced AP cost = more cash... although it's expensive in ATPs.

    A good way to get ATPs fast is by droid washing. basically everytime you trade with a public planet or sb you get ATPs... so what you can do is keep buying and selling the droids on one planet...

    It costs you alot of money... but it's the quickest way to gain ATPs

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    Re: Advanced General Skills

    Post by Orak on Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:42 am

    Congrats on the ATP unlocking Wink

    Of course the first thing to get would be the Meditation AGS - extra AP never hurt.
    Structure mastering and a combination of shield powering and shield charging is also a great skill with the Union equipment - but that is more a skill you will need as a fighter, Std shields and Small shields don't really take this skill to it's potential.

    Though a trader i disagree that fighter skills are out of your league - Eventually they come in very handy too... Of course for the ASP one would need 250k-350k experience just to be able to reach the trade in levels.

    As for how to gather ATPs - it is kind of like hacking - you do get some from trading with buildings or PSBs - but the real good ATP gain is from trading with NPC SBs and NPC buildings..
    Body parts trade is a fast way to gain ATPs - Jewelery trade is a bit slower but also won't make you as much enemies, FWE is good too.

    Good luck mate.

    Edit - Marquis beat me to it Razz

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    Re: Advanced General Skills

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