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    RA3 trailers and cast trailer. a must see.



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    RA3 trailers and cast trailer. a must see.

    Post by Dumbman on Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:57 pm

    as you all may or may not know, I have been beta testing RA3 (Red Alert 3) so I decided to show you what I have been playing with, LOL, but these are prepatches vids that EA made, so some things are changed.

    Ok, first off, im going to give you all the first trailers then I will give you the cast trailer. this will be a short preview of what the cinimatics in the game will be like, and trust me, they are jaw dropping.

    trailer 1

    trailer 2

    15 min. gameplay vid. this was pre beta patch, so it looks cartoony, but dont worry, its no longer like that.

    And now the big one, you are all going to love this.

    IN HD!!!
    (hint, let it load all the way before you start it, it guarantees a smoother run)

    ENJOY!! Laughing

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    Re: RA3 trailers and cast trailer. a must see.

    Post by SilentRose on Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:56 pm

    Since my computer isn't fast enough, What exactly is Red Alert 3, What system is it made for?

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    Re: RA3 trailers and cast trailer. a must see.

    Post by Jesper on Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:22 am

    wow... i love it


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    Re: RA3 trailers and cast trailer. a must see.

    Post by Dumbman on Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:03 am

    SilentRose wrote:Since my computer isn't fast enough, What exactly is Red Alert 3, What system is it made for?


    now to answer SilentRose. first off, even if your computer is slow, 3 of the vids are youtube, so you should still be able to watch them. and now to answer your question, I hope.

    well, its is for computers, if yours is bad, dont worry, mine could even handle the beta, so Iv been using my friends computer. Ill try to find out the specs for it.

    Redalert3 is part of a story that is an alternate univerc where during world war 1, Einstein built a time machine to go back in time to stop hitler. when hitler was gone, the soviot was still a super power, who wanted to control the world and turn everything into a global comunist state. the allies, fought the soviots and won the first war with the help of Einstein and his cronosphere whitch could transport anything to anyware, then placed a guy of there own into control of the soviot teritorys. then the guy decided he was going to bring soviot russa to its rightful power and control and invaded the united states. with the help of his second in command, yuri, he took control over most of the US, but Einstein decided to help agean, he created tech for the allies so that they would come on top, this includes his prisum tech and mirage tanks and of cource, his cronosphere thus ending world war 2. yuri, the second in command dicided to get revenge on the world, he had been secredly creating mindcontrol beacons and an army so that he could take over the world, the United states managed to destroy enough power to stop one of them, thus when the all the becons were activated, only the western half of the united states still had free will. Einstein had been working on a prototype time machine, unlike the one he made befor, this one will be able to send an entier army back through time, so you, the commander, take an army back in time to stop yuri befor he builds his mindcontrol device, but you change some of the future. as to be expected, it was not a big change, just some small things, like people who were dead were alive. stuff like that. Red alert 3 will be set when the soviots realized that the reason they were being defeted by the allies was because of Einstein, they had been working on a top secret project, a time machein for themselfs. in desperation, then send some men back in time to stop the one person who was responsible for there defeats, and the allies wins. they jump to befor world war 2 and make Einstein disapear, but when they came back to presnt time, there was an unexpected change, yes the allies were weaker, and the soviots were nolonger on the brink of defeat. but because World war 2 never happened and the nuke did not exist, the allies did not have japan in cheack, so while the allies and soviots fought agenst each other, they were secretly building an army. so the soviots now had to fight two super powers. and thats all I know so far.

    RA3 will be different then all of the other CnC games, each faction has a different build macanics, and upgrade macanics. the ore colleting nolonger is done by fealds, but by ore nodes that constantly provide ore at the same speed until it is depleted. thus slowing down the game and making rushing alot harder. also, you will now be able to build your entier base on water if you would like and you will have units that are amphibious.

    now, soviots build macanics is the simples of them all, you click on the building that you want to build, and place it in your teritory, this is designated by the dotted square, you place it, and it builds up slowly, during this time it is vulnerable and you will see scafoding and such as it builds, to expand your territory, all you have to do is build a building close to the edge of your alredy owned teritory, all buildings exept walls and base defences, have there own teritorial range to them. to make an expansion base someware on the map, simply build a Sputnik, which deploys into an outpost, thus giving you territory to build on. teching up is easy, all you have to do is build the supper reactor to get tech 2 units and the tech building to get tech 3 units and you are set. LOL

    the allies are different, you click on what you want to build, it builds slowly, when its done, you click on it agean and place it on the map in your teritory and it pops up instantly, just like all the other standerd build macanics in all the other CnC games, to expand your teritory, you cannot just build close to the edge, allied buildings do not have there own teritory, so you bust build a prospector and deploy an outpost. now the tech macanics for this faction is a little bit harder, you click your MCV which is your main building that you get at the begining of the game. same as all factions. instead of building something, you click on the button that alows you low level clerance, this gives you tech two stuff, and then high level clerance, this gives you tech 3 stuff, only the unit building structures within the taritory of the MCV will be able to build tech 2 and 3 units, if you want your out post buildings to build those units, you have to do the same thing with your outposts.

    for the Empier of the Rising Sun (ERS or EotRS) it is different, instead of building buildings, you build nanocores, these small things are a mobal unit that deploys into the building that you want, any ware you want, you do not need to build in territory, you simply build were you want to, this gives you the ability to expand better then all the factions now to build defencive structures is the same way, you simply build the nanocore then deploy it were you want, but to build a wall, it must be in your territory, now I sayed that the ERS doesnt have territory, but as it turns out, being able to wall your enemys base in is OP so all of the ERS structures have territory that shows up only when you want to build a wall, base defences do not have territory for walls. teching up for these guys is simple too, you but different, you click on a berack, or your naval base, or your mech bay, and you upgrade them seperatly, tech 2 is the first one, to build upgrade to tech 3 first you must build a the nanobuilding thing, I forgot the name, then you can tech to tech 3.

    if you have any more questions or would like to learn more, the best thing to do is go to redalert3.com
    hope that helps.


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    Re: RA3 trailers and cast trailer. a must see.

    Post by Dumbman on Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:43 pm


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    Re: RA3 trailers and cast trailer. a must see.

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