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    On paper generic attack planning.


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    On paper generic attack planning.

    Post by Orak on Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:42 pm

    Hi guys,
    First of all, i'd like to say that this is just my way of war OPs and their performance..
    Different people in different groups do it differently.
    This system has proved itself in the past, it's rather slow, but when running into active resistance it is the best.

    What is the purpose/s of an OP?
    Like a Star @ heaven Break through defenses, leave lasting damage which will open a door for future attacks with less effort.
    Like a Star @ heaven Gain war points - they are not the most important thing in war, but they are as close to it as close can get.
    Like a Star @ heaven Cause as many damage as possible with as little losses as possible.

    To be frank there are a handful of pilots around who will be able to go through an attack on an avengered MO without lots of robots, so a good attack will require support ships who carry a lot of those. In the Fed-Emp war, the feds easily broke some organized attacks by taking out support ships, after which the attackers simply couldn't last against the MO. In Aya, two federal ships managed to stop an attack of a larger number of emp ships.. all it takes is one active fighter - So this will have to be something we prepare to counter.

    To organize a good attack force of multiple alliances we'll need to have active communications at all times.
    When someone is organizing an OP it is best to address others with only the time of the attack (21-22 GMT), is the most active hours i think.
    Whoever is available should PM the organizer and receive coordinates for staging area, and access to the chat through which the attack will be coordinated... the reason is sad but unavoidable - Spies..

    Missions - They are the best way to get war points, but also very difficult to pull out. The benefit - Traders who don't have the skills for fighting can still do them, and aid a LOT.
    OPs should be announced with a 1.5-2 days notice at least so that missions will be able to be collected and the mission runners will be able to get to the staging point and regenerate enough APs to complete their missions.
    The mission carriers should not engage in fighting unless it's absolutely nessesary because they need the APs to go in, and then go out.

    A perfect attack OP on core clusters (on paper of course) would be:
    1. Chokes scouted.
    2. fleet breaks through MO.
    3. Other side chokes scouted.
    4. Mission runners go through in and out as fast as they can while the fighters kill all they can.
    5. All attack force pulls back and heads back to our own core sectors for defensive ambushes.

    How should this attack go (on paper again).
    Attack planning:
    Like a Star @ heaven OP announced, PMs sent, hour and staging area are sent to participants.
    Like a Star @ heaven At the stated time all participants who enrolled for it, are present in the chat.
    Like a Star @ heaven Assembly of hopefully 15-20 fighter (or 10-15 if it's not a huge attack) pilots, 1-2 support ships and mission carriers.

    Pre-Attack Briefing:
    Like a Star @ heaven Leader breaks the fighters into two groups. One group is first wave, second group is backup/defense.

    Like a Star @ heaven Scout is sent to verify the target MOs.. sometimes data is inacurate and a different MO can serve as better target, so the scout just pokes the MOs and the weakest one is the target of the attack.

    Like a Star @ heaven Mobile HQ set - not really HQ, just a certain coordinates where all fighters meet in open space one tile away from the target MO. At that location the support ships will just sit, and drop robots on whoever asks for them in the chat.
    The second wave - Backup/Defense will sit at that tile, with set ambush! This is most important, to provide defense for the support ships, and take out lone enemy fighters who will hear the alerts and come rushing.

    Like a Star @ heaven If the first wave takes the MO down before they run low on AP, the better, if the first wave runs low on AP (700-1200) they should retreat to the mobile HQ tile and set ambush - and notify in chat that they are out.
    When they do that, the leader sends the second wave fighters who until now more or less preserved APs to keep hitting the MO.

    Like a Star @ heaven Once MO is down, the fighters who still have the APs need to go in scout the other side of the passes for ambushes, after which the mission carriers are given the "go" sign.. the fighters who have APs are of course welcome to kill any none-friendly thing that moves.
    Also some fighters who may be interested to go behind enemy lines can go into the enemy core cluster and cloak - it is better if those pilots maintained open channels.. to create organized attacks from inside, and shut down trade in tactical locations.

    Like a Star @ heaven Once all this is done, the attacking force returns to the staging area to recover APs, and return to our own clusters to defend them (active responsible defense is important because like others said "To win a war, we can start by not losing it" Razz ).

    # It is very important that once the briefing and attack has begun, the chat used for coordination will not be used for chatter.. that can be done before the attack and after the attack.
    # When in an attack, refresh your NAV screen as much as possible, watch out for incoming enemy fighters.
    # When attacking the building, don't just watch your ship's damages, also watch the "other ships here"... for the same reason as above.
    # Missions are a big risk, war missions pay out good, but they also require up to 600k (most i seen yet) deposits, and missions are a huge factor in war.. this was best shown in the last fed-emp war in Orion.
    Also missions are the way for the none-fighters do their part in a direct way. I found such attacks with no missions much much less efficient.

    Well, that's all.
    Again, this is just my idea of a good attack OP on enemy core clusters in war, some people prefer to go for less safe more blitzcreeg approach, when ALL fighters charge ahead, without any safety ambushes behind, i just find it important to keep the support ships alive and maintain space superiority during such an attack.

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    Re: On paper generic attack planning.

    Post by Bug on Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:20 pm

    I will read it again - after Dr Suess. Just letting everyone know I read it once.


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    Re: On paper generic attack planning.

    Post by jolers on Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:15 pm

    well its a good thing that even traders can effectively help in the war. if im not in charge of any sectors when there is war i would love to join some sorties

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    Re: On paper generic attack planning.

    Post by SilentRose on Thu Aug 28, 2008 9:55 am

    How do you get a war mission? Is it just like on the bulletin board also?
    Also, I've been thinking long and hard of switching to a small warship in the next little while to help out with the war unless you still need me as trader.

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    Re: On paper generic attack planning.

    Post by deamons on Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:28 am

    SilentRose wrote:How do you get a war mission? Is it just like on the bulletin board also?
    Also, I've been thinking long and hard of switching to a small warship in the next little while to help out with the war unless you still need me as trader.

    As far as im aware you get war missionS like any other mission.

    The problem with the Union is that our low and mid level fighters don'T really have misiles, the maruder and hawk, which do most of the killing,

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    Re: On paper generic attack planning.

    Post by Kaosrules on Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:15 am

    i don't know if i'll have the time to join in and work as part of a large group when the war comes, but i'll do my bit when i can.

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    Re: On paper generic attack planning.

    Post by Orak on Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:39 pm

    Kaos, not everyone can actively participate in the war.. .. not because of their skills or ships, but also because iof everyone go to fight, we'll eventually have no home to come back to because our economy will die out SBs downgrade to trade outposts, and populations will drop so low we'd have to start all over again...

    People who stay to keep the economy "back home" working are not even slightly less valuable than those who go out and charge headfirst at missile loaded MOs.
    It's teamwork that gets ALL things done good.. even when the teamwork is spread as wide as this Smile
    So even if you won't have time to come as support ship or as mission runner, and just stock the home sectors you are doing a lot.

    The stocking is the biggest problem in wars because many people move to fighters that hardly carry their own weapons not to mention extra cargo.
    And many people who don't still stop tending to economy and go out trying to score a point for the medal (ending up deing with 0 result for the most part) which forms a lot of hiles in the existing upkeep structure.

    I think i will move this post to the general chat in a while if noone objects.

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    Re: On paper generic attack planning.

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