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    Gone on business trip



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    Gone on business trip

    Post by SilentRose on Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:40 pm

    Yup thats right. Im gone on a "business trip" Laughing As if. Anyways, Il be gone to the phillipines and i wont be able to access the internet for this reason. Even though there are internet cafe's there might be people playing pardus via those computers so i don't want to risk anything and get banned. So yeah. Gone to the philippines for 2 weeks and a half.


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    Re: Gone on business trip

    Post by Falk on Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:17 am

    Enjoy, and see you back in 2.5 weeks Very Happy


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    Re: Gone on business trip

    Post by deamons on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:45 am

    Lucky person.

    Bye have fun.


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    Re: Gone on business trip

    Post by Jesper on Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:09 am


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    Re: Gone on business trip

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