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    Feature request on SB production screens gains discussion :D


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    Feature request on SB production screens gains discussion :D

    Post by Falk on Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:32 am

    Hoorah, my proposed feature request, for adding ring & direction information on SB buildings is getting more discussion Very Happy
    If anyone has some additional comments on improvements I would be glad to hear it. The feature request (and link) are presented below.


    This request is a small modification of the:
    - SB equipment construction screen
    - SB ship construction screen

    Summarized request:
    Add a small identifier (e.g. coordinates) to each factory/shipyard in these construction screens specifying which ring they are on.

    Added value + usage scenario:
    This benefits managers of PSBs.
    When having multiple identical structures (e.g. 2 special equipment factories), it is currently not possible to identify to which factory you assign a production. This poses a problem when the two factories are on different rings, as the facility on the 4rth ring (the outer ring) is less persistent than a facility on the 1st ring (the inner ring). The facility on the outer ring will disappear directly if the population falls below 30k.

    When producing items which take a long time (e.g. the newly introduced Key of Sheppard) the longer term persistence of the factory to assign it to build is important: when having the choice one would want to assign it to the (persistent) factory on the inner ring, rather than to the factory on the outer ring. This ensures the SB owner that the production is not threatened by population fluctuations.

    Simple instantiation of the idea:
    Within each construction overview add to each sub-overview to the title "- ring x "+"heading"
    The rings range from 1-4 and the headings are {North, East, South, West}
    Thus a huge shipyard on ring 4 would change from:
    "Shipyard (huge)" to "Shipyard (huge) - ring 4 North

    Possible mis-usage:
    None identified, as it only discloses already implicitly available information.

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