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    Skillgains spreadsheet


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    Skillgains spreadsheet

    Post by superlars on Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:46 pm

    I noticed this Pardus forums earlier, some people have really put some time into coming up with this formula (Owen Hunter (orion)and Kilian (pegasus).

    Anyway, I just stole their formula and put it into a spreadsheet that can do the following:

    * Tell you what gains you get from a certain amount of rounds vs. a certain NPC
    * Tell you how many APs you need to gain a certain amount of skills
    * Tell you the APcosts to acure a certain amount of ASPs
    * and other stuff related to the above

    What you do is you
    * enter your skills
    * the amount of shots you fire per round
    * the amount of shots the NPC fires per round (check the logs)
    * the % of yours and the NPCs shots that hits the target (annoying to get this stat, I checked 20 combatlogs vs. an E-swarm and those figures worked out fine)

    I tried it out putting in my own stuff and checked how much skills I should have gained in around 10k APs (I had that all logged in pardus already) and it was surprisingly accurate! But remember the sheet only tells you the combat rounds, so flying to and from the NPC and finding it and all that is excluded, wich amounts to a large part of the APs used.

    here is the file:

    Skillgains Excel sheet

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