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    Periodic War Game



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    Periodic War Game

    Post by Mog on Fri Mar 14, 2008 6:52 pm

    I had an idea come to me that I thought would be fun.

    War games.

    How it could work:

    Get Alliance sponsor for prizes
    Pick war game scenario:
    -one vs one tournament
    -team vs team
    -capture the flag
    -hold the line
    Pick a sector to play in
    Pick a date and time(GMT)
    Make an announcement and ask applicants to PM(you) the organizer
    Get everyone into place.
    Blow the whistle
    Let the games begin
    almost everyone kills each other
    Declare the winner
    Give out the prize(s)
    Post the Winners name(s) in forum

    Sor Nak

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    Re: Periodic War Game

    Post by Sor Nak on Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:22 am

    Hm, I think this kind of match would be very expensive - at least for those losing their ships. My Mercury - for example - needs a sum of about 80.000 credits for repairs after destruction.

    Lexus Ridius

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    Re: Periodic War Game

    Post by Lexus Ridius on Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:00 am

    i see what you mean but sounds like a nice idea, perhaps oragnise it with a small help from alliance fund and just make sure people who can afford it do it? (like signing an entrance fee)

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    Re: Periodic War Game

    Post by deamons on Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:19 am

    woud this just be allaince thing, or could others join

    also wouldnte need an area MOd off to eure noone col interfer

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    Re: Periodic War Game

    Post by Orak on Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:41 pm

    ooh a very nice idea.. But has some counter points.. Like Sor Nak's.. Some ships will cost a LOT to repair.
    i got a scenario to suggest that won't cost too much on repairs :p and also allow those of us in Trade ships to participate:

    A kind of CTF game.
    Two teams.
    This game will require sensire players Twisted Evil since noone is killed for real it will be easy to cheat. Suspect
    Will require two buildings to stop working for the purpose of the game to serve as bases.

    Team 1 based in Lagreen.
    Team 2 based in Miola (or Pass Uni 08)

    Each team will announce it's flag building. Will need buildings with at least 200 capacity preferably more.
    The building will be emptied of all stock and upkeep.
    Each building will have an equal amount of some low price commodity (Bio waste for example) at least 100 tons on each side. The goods fro the oponent building will have to be taken by raiding only.
    The target will be to capture and transfer all the amount from the oposit team's building to your team's building. That will give a possibility for none fighter ship pilots to donate something to the game. This will also simulate real battle in a way... when fighters are needed to break through enemy lines, but require support ships to set defenses in the overwhelemed areas.

    Fight rules:
    1) No attack will be longer than 1 rounds per attack. That includes ambushes. (when ambushing in the game be carefull with your settings)

    2) Once a ship is down to red level armor (25%) it is considered a defeat. Defeated ships must return any taken amount of oponent team's goods and are out of the game.

    3) The attacked pilot is not allowed to retreat (since the fights are short to prevent death, it is not an excuse to use that for "safe passage" ).

    4) The attacker may not hold the attacked pilot unless he is fighting him (this is to prevent possible abuse of the previous rule, for a weaker ship to hold a sronger ship and call for reinforcement).

    5) Repairing is not allowed during the game (unless with Robots) , once you are under 25% armor (red) you are considered dead and leave the game.

    I think this game is much more than a game, it is a valueable tactical training!
    There are several possible ways to get from one sector to the other, thus the team leaders will have to spread their defense/attack forces wisely.
    Since this is an unusual endevour requiring both attack and defense at the same time, there will be need for wide scouting before any step is taken.
    If the buildings played at will be big enough there will also be a good example fo the need of support ships in battle, allthough in real battle the cargo required is much much more than 100 tons, but still it will be a good example. Instead of carying robots and candy, and materials for MOs the support ships will be able to carry a large amount of oponent team's supplies, and if the team leader dispatches his forces right, once successfull strike can finish this.

    The downside of all of this is that it will mean all the participants will waste a lot of APs :p
    And those with the really expensive guns will still have to put in a significant amount into repairs.


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    Touch play combat

    Post by Mog on Sun Mar 16, 2008 11:30 pm

    Instead of full out combat. We use a touch rule. who ever initiates combats first wins. This will save on APs the game is less AP intensive and less repair cost. We'll just have to use the honour code your attack you're out no radio contact and no recon reports after declared dead! Exclamation

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    Re: Periodic War Game

    Post by Marquis on Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:35 am

    Hmm a nice concept... the only problem is the repair cost... not sure how to get round this... the only other way is have some kind of NPC hunting challenge, but it wouldn't be as fun... I'm not sure what to suggest... Could always do a Cat&mouse games across alliance trading space, one team hides and the other hunts (no docking or cloaking allowed) when a hunter finds a hunted them that player is caught... games runs over a set time period in which if the hunted aren't caught then they win. Both sides agree on a total entry fee for each player, which them goes to the winning team (players effectively double their bet). A person with high hack skill would be good as a hunter, the hunted will most likely have to hide in corners or just keep running?

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    Re: Periodic War Game

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