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    EXP Rain (WH monsters in GAP)


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    EXP Rain (WH monsters in GAP)

    Post by Orak on Fri May 15, 2009 5:06 pm

    Whoever needs EXP - this is your chance!
    WH monsters in GAP. Relatively easy to kill, and don't bite back too hard.
    If you're under 40s combat skills, start it slow.

    Things to know:
    ○ They are EM armored and have EM weapons.
    ○ They attack for 5 rounds when you fly to their tile.
    ○ They do NOT enforce combat, you do not need to retreat - you can fly away.
    ○ They give 300 EXP per.
    ○ To tell them appart from real WHs, just hold the mouse pointer over them until there is a tooltip on it - for WH monster it will read "NPC opponent"

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