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    Ship upgrade


    Lexus Ridius

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    Ship upgrade

    Post by Lexus Ridius on Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:14 am

    ok just wondering if people can give me their opinion on what i should do next, basically ive enough xp, cred and rank to be able to upgrade from my sabre to either a rustfire or interceptor. now most of the missions ive been doing are kill instead of delivery, i also have a mag scoop when need to haul mass loads.
    theres only 25cargo diff between the two and with the rise in pirates (with our expansion into ures sector) i thouhght the increased guns would be useful. i was just wondering what your opinions are on the matter as ill prob be sticking with this ship for awhile.

    Thanks clown

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    Re: Ship upgrade

    Post by Orak on Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:40 am

    That depends on what your plans for the future are.
    A rustfire is kind of a Union-ish lowest level hybrid ship, you can use it for training combat and for a little trading.
    An inty is a pure fighter, you won't get much trading done in an inty unless you stick the packs instead of the laser mounts.

    If you are planning to go for a fighter though, take into consideration the costs of particle weapons, don't put impulse lasers on an inty, it's evil in the bad way.

    My personal suggestion is to go for the rustfire.. One of the finest ships ever designed for the purposes of not being sure what the purpose is. The rustfire is also funded by the collective, so you'll have it easier in the finance plane. And with a rustfire you can rank on and save up for a marauder, or if you decide you want to go deeper into trade, a harrier or a junker.


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    Re: Ship upgrade

    Post by Psmith on Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:44 am

    I've just recently upgraded from Interceptor to Marauder. Interceptor felt a lot more agile then Rustfire (I could score more hits during combat - at least it felt like it), also you get an extra gun mount which helps Smile You right, you'll still have no problem doing package missions as long as you got that scoop thingy.

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    Re: Ship upgrade

    Post by Marquis on Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:37 am

    Well both ships have good points.

    Firstly the Rustfire is the best low level ship in the whole of pardus (UNION!)

    although it's usually quicker to get than the inty which is a much better fighter than the rustfire. However it can't compete with the rusty as a hybrid ship, I would advice not doing package missions with the mag scoop, the AP cost make the mag scoop Very AP inefficient, so if your in the Inty stick to killing with package only when you can fit them.

    Basically it works out that weapons are more efficient firepower/weight at lower levels so a three gun ship can have a bigger firepower at a lower weight than a two gun. But at our level of fighting the biggest barrier is cost not weight, so you might find that your better off in a rusty with bigger guns (because we'll pay for 100% of the rusty and only 10% of the Inty) that an Inty with three smaller guns.

    Check www.pardusdv.com they have the fearsome ship calculator so you can do the maths there Smile

    Myself I ranked from Rusty to marauder so either way is quite possible... but then again I'm a sucker for union ships.

    Sabre>Rustfire>Marauder>Junker>Slider>El Padre>Chitin Smile For the Union!

    Lexus Ridius

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    Re: Ship upgrade

    Post by Lexus Ridius on Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:53 am

    cheers marq for help with creds and stuff i think i might go rust them jump to a mar and miss the inty all together. plujs i figured that to get everything i want with the inty it would cost me near on 850,000 creds and i have only half that, well off i go to get rust then Smile

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    Re: Ship upgrade

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