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    Faction relation and reputation


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    Faction relation and reputation

    Post by Falk on Thu May 29, 2008 11:00 am

    (an alliance msg send by Orak. Very useful, so saving it here for eternity Smile )

    Hi all,
    following the resent changes in faction relations that include what many believe to be a brewing war between the empire and the Federation and the dropping relations of the Union with the other factions i would like to explain the possible reasons and results to our newer pilots.

    At this manual page you will find the effects on one's reputation as a result from armed conflicts and affected by current faction relations.

    Basicly your Union reputation is affected by any conflict with other faction pilots as a function of the current relations of the Union with that faction.

    When the relations are allied/friendly you would lose reputation as a result from attacks on the other faction representatives. That is why when a possibility for military action that will involve pilots of another faction the high ranking members prefer to lower the relationship by negative votes, to prevent reputation loss of friendly pilots as a result from the engagement.

    At neutral state of relations your Union reputations won't be affected by attacks against other faction representatives, and if the relations are tensed it will even raise.
    During war time attacks against the opposing faction are even affecting your rank (for the best).

    It is important to mention than based purely on votes it takes long time for any change to be felt. The votes themselves do not really affect he relations.
    Any action involving parties from two different factions affects relations change.. the votes are used as a factor for the change.

    For example, should all votes be friendly, and faction1 ship attacks faction2 ship.. this will have a negative affect on relations, but a very small affect..
    Should the same scenario occure with votes being hostile... the effect on the relations will be much more negative.

    The affects are not limited to attacks only, I am not sure what all actions meter there.
    The important thing to know is that the votes do not singlehandedly affect relations and that hostile votes to not always mean that someone wants war.

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