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    StarBase Combat

    Post by Orak on Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:44 pm

    These are copies of Scarless (OWL) and Daemon Mightflame's (OWL) description of Starbase combat.

    Before putting down the quotes though few basic things:
    Like a Star @ heaven Once an SB is attacked all defenses target the attacker, more or like like building combat, you will return fire at a single defense at random.
    Like a Star @ heaven Existing defenses are Small Defense Artillery, Medium Defense Artillery and Heavy Defense Artillery.
    Like a Star @ heaven The SB consists of a central unit - Command Center surrounded by Habitat Rings, and has buildings on the extentions
    Like a Star @ heaven To access those you need to approach n SB and choose a "fly close" option.
    Like a Star @ heaven SB defenses have insane firepower, making Ship VS SB combat merely impossible, thus the SB combat utilizes Squads.
    Like a Star @ heaven Destruction of SB requires breaking through a single HR and Destroying the Command Center.
    Like a Star @ heaven Capturing an SB requires destruction of ALL habitat and attack at the CC until it's in the red when the invade option appears and it requires additional time of ground control.

    Walk up to a starbase which you are friendlisted at, and make sure you are carrying enough handweapons and credits. You can hire either bombers or fighters, both of which have a maximum squad size of 100. Bomber squadrons require 1 HW per ship per day, and fighter squadrons require 2 HW per ship per day.

    The HW tick is at approximately 0320hrs GMT. If the squadron does not have adequate HW's at that time, it will automatically disband.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: when you first hire them, squadrons come loaded with one turn worth of hw upkeep. This means that if you hire them right after the squadron tick, they will last almost 48h.

    When you hire them, bomber squadrons have 170 APS and will need 28.5h to reach max APS (850). With full APS a squadron can attack 17 times.

    A new tab will appear in your "Overview" screen, entitled "Squadrons". In the "Squadrons" screen, you can see all the squadrons you have, and you can just click on one of them to control it. To gain control of another squadron, simply go "Overview" >> "Squadrons" and select another squadron. To gain control of your ship, simply click "Nav".

    To destroy SB's, a simple rule is 3 bombers squadrons + 1 more bomber squadron for every HDA that the target SB has. You will have to destroy a Habitat Ring (100 HP) and the Command Centre (300 HP).

    Works similarly building combat. Fly close, and move the bomber on top of the Habitat Ring. Click "Attack this building". However, you will do 2 building damage per 25 squadrons, as well as shooting an array of LV-111 missiles at a random SB defence module. (A size 99 squadron will only do 6 building damage. Once a squadron reaches size <80, rotate to another one to attack. You want to keep squadrons above 75, since they will be able to do 6 building damage per attack.)

    My opinion in capturing is that the best option is to attack only the Habitat ring, while destroying them you'll destroy also some of the defense, minimum for capturing is 6 bombers squadrons + 1 more bomber squadron for every HDA that the target SB has.

    Also in my opinion a SB attack shoud be done by 2 or max 3 squadron commander while other fighters fly around the area attacking the SB owner or other enemy pilots.

    For the defense of a Starbase the best unit is the fighter.

    For inner defense:
    As first thing put 2 or 3 fighter over your CC and set them to block (only SB owner can do this), with the other fighter attack the enemy bomber and when you are short of AP retreat to the CC and set them to block.
    If you are short of fighters squadrons use also bombers, but don't attack just put them as defense on the CC.

    For outer defense:
    If your star base is inside a nook or can be protected closing 2 or 3 tiles make your fighters go out the SB and block all the entrance to the SB.
    But note if you have to block more than 4 tiles is more efficient defend on the inner ring.

    Also during the enemy attack if the SB owner is into a trader he can rebuild on the fly destroyed HDA with new defense, not so much efficient but they can always help.


    Fighter Squadron:
    Max APs: 750
    Skills: Good
    Firepower: 132+132 (Laser)
    Mass: Low
    Hull/Armor/Shield: 180/225×3/40
    Drive: Ion (speed 3)
    Building Damage: 1 / 25 ships
    Daily Supply: 2 HW / day

    Bomber Squadron:
    Max APs: 850
    Skills: Mediocre
    Firepower: 27 (missile)
    Mass: Medium
    Hull/Armor/Shield: 330/660×4/140
    Drive: Fusion (speed 2)
    Building Damage: 2 / 25 ships
    Daily Supply: 1 HW / day

    What about capturing SBs?

    In general to be safe and don't have any surprise you'll need around HDA of enemy SB + 8 bomber. That should easily make it.

    You need to destroy all 8 habitat ring and then attack the CC, and in the while all HDA will shoot at you, for this there are 2 opinion on how to do the attack:

    1) Attack directly the HR and don't care of the HDA, soon or later you'll start destroy them anyway with the random missiles volley shhot every attack.

    2) First destroy the defense and then go for the HR.

    Personally i prefer option 1 if successful you'll have a SB with some HDA left.
    But i'm open also to comment of others on that

    So, correct me if I am wrong, but this makes the ideal starbase attack seem something like:
    (1) Start the attack right before the building tick
    (2) Place 8 dummy MOs around the starbase, supply for 1 tick. Wait for the tick.
    (3) Have 3-4 squad commanders (for more speedy starbase assault) move the squads in position during MO construction
    (4) Once MOs have all been supplied, set to block all but friends (and have your faction as friends), the squads move in and simultaneously attack the Habitat Rings
    (5) A small group of 4 attackers will be taking out defending ships inside the starbase. Hovering over a single spot and refreshing like mad, attacking any enemies that arrive.
    (6) When all 8 habitat rings are gone, the four attackers and two capturers (survivors, DC3, AB4, with some robots for quick repairs) move onto the center. The two capturers start capturing, and all refresh to quickly clear away defenders.

    So, is this a viable scenario, or am I being too naíve?

    Also, how do you hold the starbase once it is captured? One Habitat ring is not much...

    There are many more replies on this subject but the above quotes hold the most valuable information.
    Only thing i have to add to this is that Ship VS SB combat IS possible if for example squadrons are used to take out the defenses first and sometimes can work better if well organized.
    Scarless also mentioned that pilots with 70-ish skills can risk fighting SB with SDAs... however i wouldn't risk that unless you got a lot of bots and drugs.
    Multiple ships vs SB attacks have been performed in the past without squadrons, but they never went without deaths and the successful ones were usually surprise attacks against lightly defended targets.

    My personal suggestion is to utilize the bombers against the defenses and bring along a fighter squadron to shoot down defending fighter squadrons and than use ships to destroy the structures when defenses are gone -
    One HR and CC are about same as 4 buildings healthwise.
    That said - i only ever participated in a single SB attack (on the offending side) and that was the way we did it.. I can't compare it with the attack Scarless described, i asked her and she seems to prefer the way she put it down as a less risky way.

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